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Choosing a type of eyebrow service can be over whelming, since everyone is unique from shape, colour, fullness... here are some things to consider when booking for the right service: 



Microblading uses a manual technique that creates single hair strokes perfect for those who want to ‘fill in’ any gaps. This technique follows clients natural brow shape


Nano Hairstroke

NANO HAIRSTOKE is machine made hairstrokes those who want to ‘fill in’ any gaps WITHOUT USING THE MANUAL TECHNIQUE    


Powder Ombre

Powder ombré is effect that looks like makeup, if you like the look of fleek powdery brows this is for you! It can be soft and natural or bold and clean


Luxury Combination Brows

Combination Brows is a combination of powder and hair strokes. This perfect combo creates natural fullness without looking overdone. This technique is customizable. 

Cosmetic Tattoo Touch up rates: 

First touch up: $75

(booked within 3 months after initial procedure)

6 months after last appointment: $100

1 Year after last appointment: $150

2 years after last appointment: $250

3 years after last appointment: FULL PRICE 

*Please note: Initial appointments do not include a touchup. Touch up prices are for existing clients only*



PROCEDURE TIME: 2-2.5 hours 

TATTOO LASTS: 2-3 years, annual touch up recommended 

HEALING RESULTS: 10-14 days, fully healed 4 weeks 


For existing tattoos: There will be an additional $25 charge for any correct/camouflage/removal


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