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What is Non-invasive Eyebrow toning &/or Lightening? 

It utilizes ultra-pulse durations to penetrate through the epidermal layer of the skin and breaks down pigment particles for the body to absorb. Using the correct wavelength you can tone coloured brows and with multiple sessions you can lightening the pigment entirely 

Is there downtown?

The recovery period is only 15 days, with no restrictions on touching water or applying makeup on the same day 

Does it effect skin and hair follicles?

It does not cause whitening of the eyebrows or damage to the hair follicles. It is non-bleeding, scabbing and scar-free

Can the pigment change in one session?

No, it may take more than one session. If you only want to tone the colour it will require less sessions. Do keep in mind pigment might change to a different colour depending on the pigment used and what is left behind after what the body absorbs 

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